7.0 A Job Interview

This is a suggested plan for teachers who wish to try out this interactive learning package. Teachers may want to come up with other lesson plans when using the tutorials and the practices in this package. After all, its really up to the teachers’ creativity to make the learning fun and meaningful. Good luck!

: 27th January 2012
: 1 Hour 20 Mins
Students’ Background
: Form 6 or  pre-university level
: A Job Interview (Reading Text 1)
: Vocabulary related to topic, Speaking skills for Job interviews
: To help students to comprehend texts using a selection of reading skills
Learning outcomes
: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to
a) Skim and scan the text to respond to questions posed
b) Identify the main ideas of the paragraphs in the text
c) Draw conclusions about the textd) Make inferences about the content of the text
Instructional Aids
Previous Knowledge
: Students should have already been exposed to job interviews via classroom activities for Speaking

Instructional Procedure
Instructional Activity
Learning Activity
Warming up(5 minutes)
To draw students’ attention and create interest.
Reveal the URL and ask the students to browse through it.
Get a general idea of the topic
Introduction(20 minutes)
To introduce  the main ideas in the text
Teacher will start by asking the students to skim and scan the paragraphs and list down the main ideas in each of the paragraphs.
Read the text and list down the main ideas and later compare them with their partners’ list
Developmenti) Activity 1 (30 minutes)
To add on to their current knowledge about job interviews
Students are asked to read the Reading Text 1 from the website and discuss among themselves. Teachers will assist if the students face difficulty.
Read the text and make inferences about what to expect in a job interview
ii) Activity 2 (40 minutes)Rationale:
To ensure students understanding of the text.
Students will be trying out interactive lessons comprised of multiple choice questions  and true or false exercise based on a passage, matching, cloze test, jumbled-up sentences and crossword puzzle.
Test their knowledge by doing the exercises created using Hot Potatoes software.
iii) Activity 3 (15 minutes)Rationale:
To check and discuss students’ responses to the interactive tasks attempted
Students will be giving their responses and then these responses will be discussed in the classroom.
Students recall the skills that they used to come up with the responses for the interactive tasks.
Conclusion(10 minutes)
To recap the lesson of the day.
Q & A session where teacher clarifies the Reading Skills that the students have practiced whilst attempting the tasks in the interactive package.
Raising students’ awareness about the reading skills which they need to master in order to understand texts they read.

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