2.6 Identifying Facts or Opinions

Fact or Opinion? 

Task One

Copy each of the sentences below into your books and write (in brackets) whether you think each one is presented as fact or opinion.


  1. Parents do not spend enough time on their children.
  2. Most children are inquisitive and playful.
  3. Manchester United  is the best football club in the world
  4. It’s not a very good television programme.
  5. Children learn from adults.
  6. I believe that he can win.
  7. Today’s society is generally more materialistic.
  8. We think Mark stole the car.
  9. Video games have more negative than positive effects on children.
  10. The world’s tallest structure is the 829.84 m tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Task Two

  1.  Write two facts about a pop group.
  2.  Write two opinions about a pop group.
  3.  Write two facts about school.
  4.  Write two opinions about school
  5.   Write two facts about food.
  6.   Write two opinions about food.
When you are done, exchange your responses with your partner. Do you agree with what he/she has written about the five topics? Are they facts or opinions?

Task Three

Copy each of these passages into your book. Underline sentences you think present facts in one colour and sentences you think present opinions in another.

“This has to be the most exciting game of football that I’ve seen so far. David Beckham is easily the best player on the pitch. He has scored five goals so far this season. I think he’ll score a lot more!”

Buy the new Superclean bathroom cleaner. It’ll leave your bathroom sparkling clean! Superclean uses a mixture of soap and bleach which attacks dust and grime. You won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see what Superclean can do for you. Only RM 12.90 a bottle.

Tomorrow is an important day for the pop group BoysRUs. They release their third single tomorrow. Their last two singles have gone straight into the charts at number 1. This new single, however, is an awful mix of pop and blues music. It’s not as good as the previous two hits. It certainly looks to me like BoysRUs should ask for their day jobs at the toyshop back!

All done? What do you think of these tasks? To challenge yourself further, why don’t you try the following activity in the following website? 


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