2.4 Predicting outcomes

Read the story below and answer the question that follows.

One day a friend of mine who was driving home late at night saw a young woman standing by the side of the road. My friend stopped and gave her a lift. The young woman got into the car and and closed the door. She told my friend she lived in 26th North Street which was just near my friend’s house.
The young woman takled happily as they drove along but after ten minutes she fell silent. My friend looked round to see if she was all right. To his astonishment the young woman has vanished. At first my friend did not know what to do. Finally he decided to go to North Street to see if anyone there knows the the young woman.
He went up to a house and knocked on the door. It was opened by a middle-aged woman. My friend explained how he has met the young woman and given her a lift. He told the woman that the young woman had said she lived in 26th North Street.
After reading the story above, try out these questions
1. Who do you think is the woman who answered the door?
2. What do you think happened to the young woman?
3. What do you think the middle-aged woman who opened the door would say to the man?
4. What do you think actually happened that night?
After you have answered the questions above, can you come up with a suitable ending to the story above? Try it out. How the story turns out is all up to you now!

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