2.3 Identifying main ideas

Identify the sentence that best sums up the main idea of the paragraphs.
   Text 1
In parts of Uganda, they have raided villages, demolished huts and destroyed plots, not in an effort to get at food but to scare the people living there. Such attacks have become more frequent in Bunyaruguru, Western Uganda, where only two years ago, villagers would think nothing of cycling to the nearby township of Katwe to meet firends and do business. But they have to be more careful now because elephants regularly block the roads, and villagers are too afraid to cycle past.
  The main idea in the paragraph is that
A        villagers are avoiding the elephants
B          elephants have changed their behaviour
C         elephants are finding it difficult to get food
D        villagers are afraid to cycle to town for business

Text 2
This article touches on a subject that’s quite sensitive to many people: body odor. Here, we explore the link between the foods you choose to consume and the odor produced by your body (there is a direct correlation). With all the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on personal care products and deodorants, I’m amazed there’s almost no discussion about reducing body odor by changing your diet. In fact, when I’ve mentioned this subject to some people, they look at me in bewilderment. They ask questions like “What do you mean, your foods control your body odor? Body odor is genetic!” — or some other nonsense. What they need is a crash course in the underlying causes of body odor. We’ll call it The Fundamentals of Offensive Personal Odors, or just Body Odor 101, for short.

Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com

  The main idea of the above paragraph is that:
A     Many don’t believe that food controls their body odor
B     You can reduce your body odor by changing our diet
C     Body odor is genetic
Text 3
When, in the year 2000, the Germans finally began to actually perform a substantial number of tests on thier own herds of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), the disease was found, and the public was caught totally by surprisse. Ministers were forced to resign, beef prices toppled, and other countries banned German beef. The government finally admitted that it had clung too long to the illusion that German cattle were entirely free of the disease.
  The main idea of the paragraph above is that
A     the many tests carried out on cattle
B     the banning of German beef by other countries
C     the consequences when an illusion is proven wrong
D     the German government’s response to the confirmation of BSE

 All done? Good work. Now discuss your answers with your teacher or your friends.

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