2.2 Skimming for answers

  The following three short texts are broadly about the subject of Facebook. Two of them    however, are concerned specifically with the topic at hand – The advantages of Facebook.
Skim read the texts and identify as quickly as you can the two texts. Think about the words or phrases in these texts that help you to make your judgements.
“It is a great, modern way of communicating with real world friends and the ‘friends’ that you think you must know because you have a bunch of mutual friends with that person. Other than that, it is a great way of putting everything about your life on the web.”
“I think facebook is too overrated and they are indeed making too many changes. I don’t like the new chat and I think facebook was fine before they changed it. It’s just not the same anymore and I know my privacy isn’t really private anymore because everything now is becoming more public and it’s been kinda frustrating lately.”
“Facebook has its advantages and disadvantages. I like facebook because you can find people on it. Like I found some of my dads family on it so that got me in touch with him and I found some old friends that I havnt seen in years on it. It helps you stay in touch with people and you get all the gossip too. I love facebook :)”.
Having skimmed the 3 texts,  which ‘two’ texts do you think  explains about the advantages of Facebook’?
A)  Text 1 and 2              B) Text 2 and 3       C) Text 1 and 3
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