1.3 Making predictions


What Is It?

Effective readers use pictures, titles, headings, and text—as well aspersonal experiences—to make predictions before they begin to read. Predicting involves thinking ahead while reading and anticipating information and events in the text. After making predictions, students can read through the text and refine, revise, and verify their predictions.
The strategy of making predictions actively engages students and connects them to the text by asking them what they think might occur in the story. Using the text, students refine, revise, and verify their thinking and predictions.
Why Is It Important?
Making predictions activates students’ prior knowledge about the text and helps them make connections between new information and what they already know. By making predictions about the text before, during, and after reading, students use what they already know—as well as what they suppose might happen—to make connections to the text.

How Can You Make It Happen?

Let’s try this out with the text you have read just now.
The”think-aloud” strategy, is particularly helpful.
Think aloud before you read the text. Try doing this before reading: “I came across an interesting article today and by looking at the pictures, I am guessing or predicting that it will be about _____ and _______. When we use what we know to make a guess before we read it is called ‘predicting.'”
Think aloud while reading the article.   Predicting what the article is about while reading. “Hmmm… my prediction that the article would be about ____ was right, but I did not think that ____ would happen. I’ll make a new prediction that _____ will happen based on what I  read.”
Think aloud after reading, reflect on what you have  predicted after reading. “My first prediction was _____. After reading part of the article I predicted _____. Now that I am finished reading I think my predictions were close/not close to what it was really about because_____.”
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