1.1 Skimming and scanning

            For your MUET Reading Paper, you will have to read and comprehend 6   different types of  texts of varying length and complexity. With 90 minutes to complete the test, you must make sure that you use your time wisely. Try not to worry about having to understand every single detail of the text. There is a way for you to increase your reading speed. Have you heard of skimming and scanning? Picture it this way, do you read every single word in the newspaper? There’s a bigger chance that you might not. What you do when you flip through the pages to look for interesting parts to read before you decide what you want to read is SKIMMING.
What you do when you just read key words to know about something in a newspaper article is called SCANNING.
In the context of the MUET,  these explanation is much more applicable:
Skimming is reading the text very quickly for the main idea of the text. Below you will find suggestions for ways to skim.
When you skim, you are looking for the meaning of the text, not for a complete understanding of the text. This means that you need to look at the topic sentences of each paragraph, and the subject, verb and object of the sentences.
Scanning is when you look for specific details in the text, without skimming or reading for the meaning. You use this technique when you are looking for the answer to a question. You will look for the keyword in the question (or a synonym) so you can locate the answer.
Now why don’t you try out the exercise below.
On the line, write whether you would most likely skim or scan to do each of the following:
1. I would __________ through a table of contents to see what information a book  contained.
2. I would __________ through the glossary of a book to look for a certain topic.
3. I would __________ through the headings of a report before I read it to see if the topic interested me.
4. I would __________ through the first paragraph of a book to see if it was about  the same character as a   previous book.
5. I would __________ to find a phone number in the telephone directory.
6. I would __________ to search for an unanswered question on an exam.
7. I would __________ to find a location on a map.
8. I would __________ to find my flight on a schedule at the airport.
9. I would __________ an advert to find out the cost of something.
10. I would __________ to refresh my memory about an article I’d read before.
All done? Check your answers with your teacher or your friends.
Source: Copyright © 2006 All Rights Reserved, LearningStation, Inc.

Let’s view a video explaining about skimming & scanning. Don’t forget to jot down the important pointers that you find useful in this video!


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